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A Taste of the Truth

Let me introduce you to someone who knows a thing or two about fine wines and who has agreed to bust some of the most frequent myths about (fine) wine. Thanks to Myth vs Reality Circle pay per event attendee, Maria (scroll down to hear her take on some myths), I was introduced to a specialist whom I asked some Qs to and who took the time to respond which am sure will be of great help.

Thibaut Fourton has dealt with wines with as much character as the people who make them. He has been a consulting sommelier for 20 years who learnt to prune the vine, to make red, white and rosé wine (...) before starting his career as a sommelier consultant. And as you can see on his LinkedIn profile, he specialises in the most expensive wines in the world.

-1- Never chill red wine

Never chill red wine

  • Agree

  • Some wines you can yes

  • Disagree for all reds

According to the typicity of the red wine but also to its origin we will adapt a temperature in order to emphasise the aromas of the wine as well as for its gustative phase.

But you should never chill a red wine because it will block a lot of aromas and thus put the qualities of this same wine in default. In French we say that it "breaks" the wine.

-2- The older the wine, the better it is

The older the wine, the better it is

  • Agree

  • Wine is like age, betters with time

  • Disagree

Not necessarily and everything will depend on what you want.

That is to say, pairing food and wine, starting with a red wine at the beginning of the meal or as an aperitif.

The quality of a red wine depends above all on its terroir but also on the winemaker.

To answer you if the quality of the vintage of the red wine is excellent then in this case it will be preferable to wait. And this for the most prestigious appellations.

Then for some French appellations and for some foreign wines it will not be necessary to wait for them because they will be drunk in their youth.

-3- Only red wines must be decanted

Only red wines must be decanted

  • Absolutely!

  • Goes for any wine

  • White only after red

  • Disagree for all bar red

No, you can also decant great dry white wines as well as sweet white wines.

It is preferable to get information from a specialist in order to decant at the right time and also to control the serving temperature of the wines.

-4- Pair red wines only with meats and cheese

Pair red wines only with meats and cheese

  • Absolutely

  • Disagree, any wine goes with

  • Not sure

It is true that it is preferable to associate red wines with meat.

As for cheeses, dry white wines and sweet white wines can also be associated.

-5- Traditional wines are better than modern wines

Traditional wines are better than modern wines

  • Traditional for me

  • Modern for me

  • Both

  • Neither

In order to make a great wine, you need a good terroir, a good climate (without forgetting the effect of the vintage). And finally an excellent winemaker.

To answer your question, it is better to go for traditional wines.

That is to say, wines that will be elaborated with safe methods that do not damage the organoleptic qualities of the grape varieties concerned in order to always give priority to quality.

I am not saying that there are no good modern wines, but their wine-making methods (...) do not really favour great wines.

Thank you Thibaut! How did everyone fare with their answers? Comment below should you wish to share your own insights on your wine experiences and myths.

Before we close this discussion, let's see what Maria Amaral has to say on the topic. Based in Brazil, she heads up a consultancy for the development and execution of climate-controlled cellar projects for yachts.

"We are always led to think that only white, rosé and sparkling wines should be cooled before serving them. However, I believe we should consider reds as well.

Before opening them of course, why not serve them at a temperature of 18oC! Specially when we live in tropical countries, where temperatures are high most of the year.

When we think of a red wine or not, grown in different soils and microclimates, elaborated, and produced through different methods, using different grape varieties, with or without a combination between them, producing wines from monovarietal or varietals of excellent quality, and even aged or not in wood, I believe they can be served with different types of dishes.

Now when we talk about a specific red wine, then we must be careful and advise a sommelier so that the correct pairing can be made between them.

The important thing is to pay attention to the elaboration and production methods for both wines and sparkling wines. In other words, be attentive to the entire chain of productive - logistics - commercial in which the product is involved.”

Everything we know is everything you taste and great wines are for great encounters so how about joining the likes of Thibaut and Maria to enjoy a glass (or two) while we find out about more realities behind the myths in other industry's catering for our UHNWIs.


One of the most memorable events I helped put together with a private bank for 10 of their most influential UHNWIs on board a superyacht at sea in Cannes was a BYOW (bring your own wine set up). What is so amazing about this you may ask. Well we had two 3-star Michelin chefs on board to conceptualise the lunch using ingredients they had randomly picked to bring, without knowing what wine was being brought. Challenging? Yes! Because a yacht galley is a far stretch from what these chef's were used to in their Michelin-star kitchens (as well as not having their staff, just themselves).Did they manage? Yes! With flying colours to everyone's delight. Goes to show, when put out of your comfort zone, matched with some of the world's finest wines, truly wonderful memories can be built for all involved, not just the guests.

Oh and do let your senses take flight and share below also which is your favourite wine and why to have Thibaut and Maria give their feedback to engage in conversation (what we love the most in Myth vs Reality Circle of Luxury Professionals)!

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3 則留言

Many thanks for all the helpful knowledge, I feel like I need (and want) to learn more. Obviously, when I read things like 'red only with cheese and meat' that obviously is a myth. Knowledge should be a help and a guide to enjoy your food and drink, but ultimately, you can drink and pair whichever way you like as long as it makes you happy, right?


You are welcome Christian.

Thank you!

Of course the pairing of red wines with meats and cheeses are only examples. Red wines can be paired with many other culinary dishes.

It is important to know the "basics" of wine (including classic pairings).

Indeed, it is important to enjoy yourself.

I remain at your disposal for any further information.

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