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Fair Play to be Fair

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

"Is team building a waste of money in the luxury industry (or any industry for that matter)?"

In a strong sense, Myth vs Reality Circle of Luxury Professionals is about team building with different sectors. Imagine team building in your company or department, but take it to a new level with other luxury professionals in different sectors.

Playing fair within such a circle means that you approve of it because it shows respect and sympathy towards everyone, even towards people who are thought to be 'wrong' - the definition of fair play.

Also doing so experientially, like what you'd like to do for your UHNWI clients but that you are actually immersed in yourself to better "sell it on" to your end clients down the line, or learn from others as to what they are doing to do so yourself or partner up with.

Does your company believe in team-building?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Would love to implement! Tell me how!

Now add an element of adventure, experiential and taking everyone out of the comfort zone. There, you have it, the perfect platform to build relationships and spark discussion with like-minded professionals.

Many companies, when they decide to invest in team building, decide to do offsite events like bowling nights or ropes courses. Sometimes these events get really elaborate.

Well in the south of France and Monaco area, there isn't actually a business "club" that does this for a variety of luxury professionals from various industries and certainly that do not do experiential like I do!

Events may get people to feel closer for a little while; shared emotions can bond people. Those bonds, though, do not hold up under the day-to-day pressures of a company focused on delivering results.

Are you part of a business club that brings you value?

  • Yes, happy to share in comment below which one

  • No, still looking for the perfect one for me

Most of what we — and others — think about team building is wrong. Most important, quality collaboration does not begin with relationships and trust; it starts with a focus on individual motivation. Agree?

Quality collaboration begins with:

  • Relationships and trust

  • Focus on individual motivation

A lot of the feedback I get is; "I really like and value my fellow luxury professionals. And I know we should collaborate more. We just don’t.”

Do you feel it is high time to collaborate with other luxury professionals?

  • Absolutely!

  • Need to do more

  • No am happy with what am doing and how I am doing it

So here's a chance to do just that!

To show you why team work is at the core of what I do, Myth vs Reality is a framework to make collaboration clear, specific, and compelling — to make collaboration something to be achieved. At the core of this framework are two questions to pose to any team even internally within you company. The first: Why is collaboration essential to achieving business results? And second: What work, which specific tasks, would require collaboration to deliver those results?

Why is working together, as a team, more valuable than just the sum of your individual efforts? People who work together, have to have a chance for themselves to figure out how that would actually improve results. That's what I do - I am the architect behind the strategy for them to do so with Myth vs Reality Circle for Luxury Professionals.

However, mindlessly buying memberships or subscriptions that you do not fully engage in or use is a huge waste. Business owners need to assess the rate of return on these investments to decide if they should keep or discontinue them. But it all boils down to, are you engaged, are you contributing and most importantly are you even interested in more than just the business card.

Are you more of a:

  • Team player

  • Lone ranger

  • A bit of both

Strong relationships and trust do matter to collaboration, but they are not the starting point. They are the outcomes of dedicated people striving together. Connecting collaboration to the motives of success-minded team members is what unlocks productive teamwork.

Keen to be part of something much bigger than just meet and greet? Find out all the perks to joining the circle here And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me

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