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Myth vs Reality Gains Traction in Yachting on YIS

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Yacht Interior Society (YIS) is a unique business platform on yacht interiors, services and luxury products for the superyacht interior sector.

It is with immense pleasure that Myth vs Reality Luxury Circle gets its own blog space on the website of YIS, accessible here.

Describing her innovative ‘Myth vs Reality’ concept, Natalia says “the vision is to reunite like-minded experts in their respective industries together, including that of yachting, against all norms, and using engaging experiential techniques, to better the way we individually approach luxury.”

The YIS platform wants to inspire opportunities, ideas and solutions, which is where Myth vs Reality snuggly fits in.

People are the focal point of the YIS design stories – yacht creators, product manufacturers, luxury lifestyle suppliers, qualified interior experts, yacht brokers, consultants, photographers and other yacht professionals who want to share their full creative energies.

Their aim is to contribute to promoting a new vision of superyacht design empowered by desirable functionality, accompanied by emotional meaning. All values that Natalia Langsdale herself abide by.

If you are attending the inaugural Myth vs Reality luxury circle you will be able to interact with the founder of YIS, Iza Mosko.

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