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The Realities Behind the One Who Gets Paid to Organise Dreamy Cruising

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

It's not everyday that you have the opportunity to speak with a yacht captain on a 74m superyacht let alone have them join the Myth vs Reality Circle of Luxury Professionals as full member.

Luca has diligently attended several Myth vs Reality Circle of Luxury Professionals events to date and his 'what do you do' hits the nail perfectly on the head: " I get paid to organise dreamy cruising."

What made you join the Myth vs Reality Circle of luxury professionals?

I joined the circle in my continuous attempt to find new interesting activities to be proposed to my guests.

Meeting other industry professionals and networking with them, allows me to reach exclusive, unique, experiences for my yacht owners: something they will enjoy and remember.

Now let's delve into your "job" if we can call it that as it seems like the best job in the world travelling the seven seas and having an amazing team at your beck and call. But is it really what people think it to be?

Let's bust some yacht myths shall we...

First one. Being on a yacht is dangerous. Every career carries its own risks, but the truth is you’re probably safer on a superyacht than you are commuting by car to and from your desk job!?

I love my job, every morning I wake up planning.

Safety is something carved in our bodies, natural for us, we don’t fear risk but we work through training and risk assessments to contain the dangers and be prepared to eventual emergencies.

Finding dockage for a large boat is near impossible

Well, yes, we are large enough to struggle finding a berth from time to time, but we have a better answer: spending nights at anchor is still the most quiet experience we provide: silence and fresh clean air.

Most experiential treat your owners experienced while on the yacht?

Any yacht crew is committed to provide the yacht guests the cruise of a lifetime.

Spending time aboard our yacht with my crew is a daily cuddle we give our guests, non necessarily a unique treat.

A couple of years ago we sent the whole owning family to the Mirazur Restaurant just above Menton and they enjoyed the extraordinary experience, starting with a picnic on the grass in the garden…

Few days after we put them on two helicopters and sent them out for a magic lunch on an other 3 Michelin starred restaurant up on the Alps.

Moments they will never forget.

What do you personally do for the owner, yacht and crew that stands out in terms of what the world strives for nowadays (eco-friendly, sustainable, saving time)

It’s honestly tough to match the word "sustainable" with Yachting. I’d rather call it “Respect for the Marine Environment”.

Nevertheless, there are several ways and good practices to sustain a responsible approach to this subject, from responsible anchoring, to avoid damage to the marine systems and the Posidonia seaweed meadows, to a progressive plastic reduction, garbage splitting, reducing and recycling, using environmental-safe cleaning products.

In other words: we believe in responsible yachting, we play our role.

Here's some myths associated with yachting, which you may like to cast your votes on.

The best boat is your friend’s boat

  • Yes absolutely

  • No, mine is the one and only

  • Don't own a yacht can't say

Celebrities, athletes, and oil sheiks are the only people who own yachts

  • That's just heresay

  • Yes

  • Do you believe all that you read?

You don’t need a crew (many people wonder why they need a captain or crew for their yacht)

  • You can do it all yourself

  • Depends on the size of yacht

  • Always get crew

Working as yacht crew is a glamorous job. I'm going to be able to travel the world in style and party in every town the yacht stops

  • A bit of this and that

  • Just hard work

  • Glamorous all the way

The best two days are the day you buy your boat, and the day you sell it

  • 100% yes

  • 100% no

  • 50% yes 50% no

  • I don't own a yacht so can't say

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