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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

It all begins with a seed, which then grows and can even become a weed. Nothing in this world can work without a little help, and nowadays getting help is like shouting in an empty room and getting your own echo back. Or is it...

The inaugural Myth vs Reality Circle for luxury professionals saw the light on 9th November 2022 and got together 20 something attendees both online and on-site at The Office Monaco business centre.

I'll be honest and say that the pre-registered list was much bigger but as the day drew nearer, drop out emails kept avalanching into my inbox due to this and that and even as I was laying out the activity props. BUT the core of my circle consisted of my most trusteed black book contacts who made it. And made it they did! So thank YOU to YOU.

"It's all about quality, not quantity"

First arrivals are immersed in the first activity at The Office business centre in Monaco

It was these 20 something attendees who will be the water and nutrients that will shape the circle to continue to grow and sow even more seeds, and as the saying goes:

"You meet 100 people, 99 you never see again, 1 changes your life"

I'd like to think that in all that I do for this circle, that one day, it will be just that. And who knows, maybe you meeting me and attending will be the life changer for you. Maybe I am that one person who will change your life (or let's keep it real for now, change your perception to start with).

There was one feedback in particular from Pierre that I received post event that kind of showed that we are on the right way:

"I was happy to attend and to see Natalia and meet new people - I met two excellent ones thanks to her. Everyone was really nice."

More feedback from attendees here.

So let's shed some light as to what exactly happened in this "mysterious" inaugural circle without giving too much of the details away as that is reserved for those who join the circle (details of which you can learn more about here).

Unbeknown to them, as they stepped foot into an office space as far removed from Luxury as possible, curiosity met their eyes as they saw the first activity spread out before them. A "blind" wine tasting as seen never before in Monaco.

"Close your eyes and open your mind" activity

As the activity got underway, online, meanwhile, attendees were in for ice breaker questions led by Annelise, who was my IUM student volunteer for the event.

Some got stage fright and muted their mics and kept web cameras off as they discovered that they'd need to keep their cameras on and have to speak. Perhaps they were just ready for a quiet night in, in the PJs listening in as has been the norm on Zoom since the pandemic days.

Lo and behold though, they got that very wrong as they were asked a series of interesting questions, of which I transcribed and kept for the on-site attendees to refer back to post event on the circle group-only section ready for debate.

So now the question arises to the www (World Wide Web, ahem, that is YOU by the way and I am asking you to vote below). Are you more for:

This or That

  • 0%Online Only

  • 0%On-Site Only

  • 0%Hybrid (Online + On-site)

  • 0%Metaverse

I have always had a knack for listening and that's the purpose of the circle - for me to listen to YOU and make the Myth vs Reality Circle for Luxury Professionals a place that has your ID and ideas.

So cue back to the event, what attendees thought would be a place where I would be talking, and they listen, was in fact a myth in itself for the reality was that I had taken onboard every single pre-sent question and summarised it into three main axes.

These three axes were my foundation for the activities of the event, but with a twist, for I was playing mind games with my attendees to open their creativity and remove their usual understanding of networking and I think it actually worked given their feedback and smiles at the end.

Attendees of the inaugural Myth vs Reality Circle, did you enjoy the format?

  • 0%Yes!

  • 0%Not sure, let's see the next one to judge

Touch points that shaped the inaugural circle

  • How UHNWI and the Luxury sector interact and influence one another to shape what Luxury is.

  • How to communicate with UHNWI - how do they make decisions and how to get information to them.

  • Are UHNWI a homogenous market - how do you become an UHNWI and how is it evolving.

Removing the layers to unveil candid realities from myths

Not many events I have been to have been successful in marrying (or at least keeping the same momentum) online and on-site. This was the challenge I had but all in all ice breaker activities with really insightful conversations got sparked and hats off to the online attendees for what you discussed (and which can be accessed in the circle members-only area).

Want in on something that was mentioned to get you thinking and debating? Comment below.

Money helps the (yachting) industry but also keeps it out of balance

  • Totally!

  • I beg to differ

So as you can see there was a lot of brain activity going on and the quality of the conversations were really powerful, ready for the next step of the future of the circle.

What I do know is that I managed to remove layers and get everyone curious. The resounding YES I got when I asked if they were all ready to rock the boat so to speak was enough power to get me buzzing to continue this new chapter.

So to sum it up, yes, there are luxury professionals who want something new in terms of networking. Yes there are luxury professionals who are human like our UHNWIs and not "aliens" (as was one of the reflection points) and want candid conversation!

The truth is born in Argument - those who speak Russian would know it, ибо в споре рождается истина. I would rephrase it and say that the truth is born while debating and I have been waiting for a verg long time before finally I have been offered this amazing opportunity to join the new THINK TANK!!! 🤩 So excited about what is coming next 👏 Jelena Vezia, Ocean Independence

Myth vs Reality Circle for luxury professionals is here to stay, and so am I!

So are you ready to join? Submit your application to be part of the bigger picture in a way that you've never been before.

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