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Truth & Reality vs Myth & PR

The battle is on - Truth & Reality vs Myths and PR.

The value of truth in your PR efforts cannot be understated. Both in handling crises and in implementing campaigns with a clear message, being honest and as open as feasible with your target audience helps to generate support in both the short and long-term.

  • Objective Truth is what exists and can be proved in this physicality.

  • Normative Truth is what we, as a group, agree is true.

  • Subjective Truth is how the individual sees or experiences the world

Question to the floor, which truth do you tend to go for mainly?

  • Objective truth

  • Normative truth

  • Subjective truth

In one of the Myth vs Reality Circle for luxury professionals think-tanks we discussed #publicopinion and #media. A very interesting topic and some hot-headed discussion arose (rightly so).

Photo by Jino Agnelli for Myth vs Reality Circle of Luxury Professionals

Around the table we had C-Suite level yachting, business aviation, family office, high jewellery, luxury travel, luxury retirement home, yacht club professionals to name but a few of the industries present.

The conversation led to the conclusion that media was biased and how can we try to bypass this in those industries currently facing negative press today.

Photo by Jino Agnelli for Myth vs Reality Circle of Luxury Professionals. Attendees includes Farouk of Feadship, Giovanni of Jupitair, Claudia of Monaco Yacht Club and Snow of Vitale 1913

Out of the many revered international media outlets I have contact with having done a lot of PR for clients, only two came back to me with their feedback. I think that too speaks a lot.

I won't mention names but it really goes to show how much work there is yet to get both sides on the right road together.

Is your industry affected by negative press or has been in the past?

  • Yes

  • No

First of all, in PR one needs to maintain a long-standing track record of being honest to build their credibility. However, you will lose your credibility if you are caught lying or greenwashing.

That has been one big obstacle for industries trying to ride the "sustainability" bandwagon for example.

Certain media is trying to tread lighter, and less conspicuously, in the current global context of world affairs and other negative et als. Have you noticed this?

So let's do some voting on your knowledge of PR and see what we can learn.


Is PR just press releases?

  • Yes

  • No

  • A bit of both

Press releases are part of PR; they’re one of the main sources of exposure but not the only one. PR is about bridging a gap between the company and its public.

It is a medium of communication amongst a company or an individual, to maintain the goodwill of the brand in the eyes of the people and to circulate relevant information amongst them.

It also helps in expanding the brand reach and make proper strategies and plan various initiatives and campaigns to reach your customer base.

PR Makes You Famous Overnight

  • Yes

  • No

  • Not sure

Working towards building your public image will make you famous and PR is an essential element to do so, however it is equally important to understand that there is a large discrepancy between advertising and PR.

Advertising is sales figure orientated and PR is reputation management that will be eventual and will take its own time.

Reality suggests sticking to PR will happen right by sticking to it and choosing the right mediums to communicate.

PR twists the truth in storytelling

  • Yes completely

  • Sometimes

  • Not at all

PR officers tell stories in a thought-provoking way to engage with the audience but they don’t disseminate incorrect information because it can cost their credibility.

While building a relationship, transparency and honesty is a must and PR never deters from this path.

Even if there is some false news circulating in the market, PR comes up with the solution to present the truth and bring forth policies in place to avoid false communications in the future.

Any Press is Good Press

  • Yes

  • No

  • Can be both

Press has nothing to do with good/bad. It is about conveying your message, however, remember the tonality of the coverage matters.

Negative media reach can work in disadvantage of a brand. It is better than the coverage that they’re getting is from reliable media sources of media.

One of the key functions of PR is to build a positive image of the brand and maintain a good relationship with the audience.

Audience size is the most important factor

  • Size matters

  • Size doesn't matter

The most significant part is how you communicate your message to the audience and your medium of communication. No matter how large your target audience is, if you can’t communicate with them properly, they won’t be attracted to your brand and they might not even understand some things properly, hence, they won’t choose your products.

If you want to get more insights as to what was discussed internally with members and the media who did comment on this public opinion and media topic, I invite you to join the circle here.

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