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Who's Who

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Have you ever...

Tried coming up with your elevator pitch without actually saying what it is that you do exactly?

Challenging right? Even more so when you're given literally a minute on the spot to do so to a group of luxury professionals you've never met!

Well that is how all Myth vs Reality attendees have to go about introducing themselves and wow do we get some good ones.

I wanted to see if YOU can get your creative juices flowing by guessing who this belongs to and what this person does...

I'll give you a hint, there was a Q&A interview I conducted and wrote up for this person published on Yacht Interior Society thanks to fellow circle attendee Iza Mosko...

Guess the profession

  • 0%Magician

  • 0%Charter Broker

  • 0%Designer

Rate the descriptions on a scale from 1-5 in marketing-style accuracy once you find out as a comment below!

Would make an excellent advertisement don't you think?!

Now for the others... Read all of them and scroll down for the next step...

Pick your favourite and comment below which one you like the most and give your shot at guessing what that person does...


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