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The Inaugural Myth vs Reality Circle Launch

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

It is with great pleasure to announce that the inaugural Myth vs Reality Circle will launch on November 9th 2022 in the heart of Monaco.

Founded by Luxury expert and aficionado, Natalia Langsdale, the event promises to unmask certain truths about the industries represented and allow for growth and valuable networking.

"Conversations and contacts that inspire in an experiential environment, with an aim to break down barriers, open eyes and join forces to better the perception of Luxury and those who shape it." - Natalia Langsdale, Founder of Myth vs Reality Circle

Founder of Myth vs. Reality Circle, Natalia Langsdale


Attendees for this first hybrid think tank style round-table event were pre-registered as luxury professionals both working in Monaco and abroad.

The luxury industry experts in their fields expressed interest on Natalia Langsdale's (founder and organiser) LinkedIn page and were contacted individually to invite them to an event like no other seen in Monaco before.

Each attendee was then prompted to ask a question ahead of the event. The results will be unveiled on a brand new platform which will be announced post event.

The main axes coming though the questions pertain to:

  • How UHNWI and the luxury sector interact and influence one another to what Luxury is.

  • How to communicate with UHNWIs - how do they make decisions and how to get information to them).

  • Are UHNWI a homogenise market - how do you become an UHNWI and how is it evolving?

  • Personal experience questions directed to Natalia Langsdale.

The aim of the Circle is to progress the pursuit of luxury. Reuniting C-level talent in all walks of life to join forces, discuss topics of relevance and ignite sparks to better and unveil realities that have often been hidden by industry myths.

The Myth vs Reality Circle has a goal to be a think tank platform based in Monaco, but not exclusively limited to its borders, inviting members from outside and around the world to be part of a bigger discussion. Each attendee is an industry professional who is interested in the power of thought leadership and collaboration.

Created in October 2022, the first event has drawn quality attendees both physically to The Office Business Centre Group in Monaco as well as online.

Location of the first Myth vs. Reality Circle event at The Office Monaco


Feedback has been extremely positive and despite the event focusing on quality rather than quantity, there has been a huge interest from future potential attendees.

Luxury Professionals working in Monaco and abroad making up the attendees for the inaugural Myth vs. Reality Circle event in Monaco.


Attendees include representatives from Monaco Yacht Club, the Financial Times, Piaget Monaco, Bentley Monaco, Fraser, Yachts, Ocean Independence, Monaco Global Services Multi Family Office and others working directly for UHWNI or involved in representing them.

To receive more information regarding future events or to join the Myth vs Reality Circle, kindly contact Natalia at

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